Speaker in the Media and on the Stage

I regard my work as a speaker as being like a great sailing adventure, fuelled by the irrepressible desire to leave safe harbours behind me and to set out to sea in prusuit of new experiences.

Initially, I and my small one-man dinghy stayed close to home, seldom venturing beyond the bay of my local Weimar broadcaster, Radio Lotte. It was only a year, however, before I decided to change to a speedy sports yacht; I began work as a newsreader for MDR-Hörfunk and set my sights on various production companies at home and abroad, steering a course towards some of the media industry’s more lucrative harbours.

These are just some of the media ports-of-call which have been part of my voyage so far: MDR, ZDF, VOX, PRO 7, N24, National Geographic Channel, n-tv, SPIEGEL-TV, the Theater im Gewölbe and the Scharlatan Theater in Hamburg .

During my sailing adventure, I have achieved success at several speaking regattas. In 2008, I won Third Prize at the International Zdenek Fibich Competition in Prague , as well as receiving the Special Award for Best Interpretation in Round 2.

The basis for my successful cruises as a narrator was provided by four years of elocution training and two years of study in Phonetics and Phililogy, as well as considerable functional vocal training over a lengthy period.

Navigation on the high seas, sometimes in stormy conditions and with poor visibility, has been made easier due to the help given to me by experienced fellow sailors from the Vereinigung Deutscher Sprecher. This has always helped me keep my ship afloat...

I am also happy to put myself at my colleagues’ disposal, working as a ’dispatch sailor‘ and providing them with the necessary recordings in a matter of hours. I provide this service in collaboration with T&B digital, a modern production studio in Weimar which guarantees recordings oft he highest quality.

Interested? I am happy to send you on request my General Terms and Conditions and a comprehensive selection of demo material. I can also provide information on the equipment available at the studio and how we can set up effective audio-communication.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Full CV and References as PDF download