Voice Coach for Speakers and Singers

My work as a coach is informed by my love of people and their voices. My mission is to help bring about vocal change, to help people optimise their voices with the goal of developing improved communication skills. This applies equally to singing and speaking.

In this work, I am inspired by a vocal ideal – a voice which displays flexibility, stability, strength, resilience and stamina in equal measure. My aim is to demonstrate to my clients that there is more to vocal training than simply the difference between “right“ and “wrong“; I aim to give them the opportunity to make the most of their vocal resources, and to expand their scope as speakers or singers so that they can apply their vocal skills confidently and flexibly in a wide variety of private and professional contexts.

In my work as a voice coach, I am able draw on three educational jewels of equal brilliance: the first of these jewels is my classical vocal training at the Music College in Weimar , the second my study of Philology and Phonetics in Halle , and the third my academic training as a voice coach in Weimar . These three crown jewels in my voice coach’s treasure trove are complemented by countless other fascinating gemstones.

I have taken part in over twenty theatre productions as a singer and actor; this emerald of stage experience benefits my clients in terms of both vocal and stage presence. I can also boast an opal of many years’ experience as a news presenter with MDR-Hörfunk and as a voiceover artist for advertisements and TV documentaries.

For my clients, my broad spectrum of experience as a speaker on the stage and in the media represents two pearls in one: on the one hand, they can discover how to command a large audience by the sole means of physical and vocal presence; on the other, they can become acquainted with the specialist skills required for studio microphone work. Beyond that, there is one last gemstone in my treasure trove, and a special one at that: an NLP ruby, which further increases the efiiciency of my work on vocal change.

I support clients from a wide variety of vocal-intensive professions on their journey towards vocal change, opening my treasure trove, selecting individual jewels, combining them with other gemstones and cutting them so as to suit their particular vocal needs.

As a voice coach, I work with a number of renowned Training Institutes and Seminar Organisers. For example, I teach singing at the University of Erfurt, lead workshops at the Vienna College of Speech, and coach active and prospective speakers and presenters.

My work as a voice coach gives me an enormous amount of pleasure. I love helping people become acquainted with themselves and with their own voices.  And if, in doing so, the shine from my various jewels and gemstones can put a twinkle in their eyes, then my pleasure knows no bounds.

Who knows? Perhaps you would also like to take a look into my voice coach’s treasure trove...
I would be delighted!

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